Leading the Way With IVF Technology

Our State-of-the-Art Electronic Platforms Power IVF Success at Conceive NJ

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When patients come to our New Jersey IVF clinic, our commitment to cutting-edge technology is obvious in our state-of-the-art facility.

That dedication shows up across our practice in other important ways, which include the platforms that support our vital electronic records and technology to screen IVF embryos before transfer.

We lead the way in IVF technological innovation and integration

Our New Jersey IVF clinic understands that in vitro fertilization can be a challenging time for prospective parents. We are using technological advances to keep your convenience front and center, and do all we can to help put you on the pathway to parenthood.

We rely on our user-friendly nAble IVF platform to make it easy for patients to register and track appointments. From a medical perspective, our providers have an easy way via nAble to monitor cycle progress and lab results. If necessary, it is simple to note adjustments in medication and document responses to changes in medication. We feel it is the most technologically advanced provider of electronic medical records for in vitro fertilization.

And we haven’t stopped there.

We understand how important it is to access the most up-to-date information possible throughout the treatment process. Thanks to our use of leading-edge CooperGenomicsSM technology, we can identify chromosomally normal embryos with the help of artificial intelligence. The system relies on AI to use more data points than a human could analyze, and compares vast amounts of information to better predict which embryo might result in a successful pregnancy.

We are proud to report that our IVF program is the very first that has integrated CooperGenomics into an nAble platform in the United States. We greatly value providing a seamless experience for our patients and our medical team.

We are ready to support you

While we rely on the tools of technology to power our practice, our New Jersey IVF clinic also knows the human connection in the treatment process is invaluable. Dr. Isaac Glatstein, the New Jersey IVF specialist who founded Conceive NJ, has helped thousands of men, women and couples achieve pregnancy through in vitro fertilization. If you are experiencing challenges with infertility, contact us to see if we can help you start or grow your family.

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