3D Ultrasound

3D ultrasound fertility testing

Diagnostic for anatomy and abnormalities

Use of 3D ultrasound in the fertility space is an emerging and newer medical application. At Conceive NJ, our philosophy is that understanding each patient’s unique anatomy is critical to the pathway for a successful pregnancy and healthy newborn. Many patients undergoing fertility treatment are unaware of certain uterine conditions that may affect their chances of a happy outcome.

For example, abnormalities such as septate uterus may predispose toward recurrent miscarriages, and a unicornuate uterus is a risk factor for premature birth.

3D ultrasound is routine at Conceive NJ

Doctor discussing a 3D ultrasound

At Conceive NJ we seek to uncover these conditions prior to initiating a treatment plan. Each patient undergoing a diagnostic assessment will have a 3D Ultrasound performed as a routine part of their fertility evaluation. We are one of very few programs that incorporates this into our testing protocol.

This ensures that certain conditions such as a uterine anomaly which may alter a treatment plan, are recognized from the outset of your journey, and managed appropriately as soon as possible.

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